Fitness Rewards at Work

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It’s approaching the end of January and chances are those health and fitness resolutions made so optimistically at the start of the month are beginning to seem more challenging as willpower wanes. We will look at how Fitness Rewards can keep your staff engaged with their health.

According to a study from the University of Scranton in the US, 77% of people stuck with their resolutions for the first week of January; 55% made it through the first month; but by June, only 40% were sticking with their goal. So, with the statistics stacked against your employess, what can you do to keep good intentions going in the office?


A workplace wellness programme will usually support staff wellbeing and offer insurance in times of illness, but with Fitness Rewards in association with Vitality an employer can offer much more. As well as providing comprehensive cover in times of poor health, Vitality encourages healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of illness. The Active Rewards encourage people to engage with their wellbeing, providing benefits and incentives for regular activity. The result: employees who are most engaged with Vitality are healthier than those who are less engaged, and they can save money at the same time.


The success or failure of employees’ New Year resolutions has a direct impact on their performance at work. Any failure – whether it’s not going for a run or failing to achieve a sales target – makes goals seem tougher to achieve, our abilities appear weaker, damages motivation, makes us risk-averse and restricts creative thinking

Vitality is changing the world of insurance by using similar behavioural economics to incentivise and reward members for getting healthier. The result is a boost in employees’ wellness – the employees most engaged with Vitality are effectively 2.6 years ‘younger’ than the least engaged employees, according to a study of SME employee engagement with Vitality.


Vitality is a 24/7, 365-day route to a fitter, healthier, happier workforce. But its standout features may be particularly relevant to your employess at this time of year, in order to reboot their New Year’s resolutions. Vitality doesn’t just benefit your existing staff, either. It can help attract the best new recruits by providing a package of protection, rewards and benefits that compares with the wellness programmes of larger companies.


VitalityHealth members receive a free yearly healthcheck at Lloyds Pharmacy and this measures key metrics such as BMI, Glucose, Blood Pressure and cholesterol . Employees can engage with their health as soon as they join Vitality, by visiting the Vitality Member Zone and filling in the online Health Review and finding out their Vitality Age.


Vitality is giving members even more ways to track their activity and earn Vitality points, so earning points isn’t dependent on going to the gym. As well as Moves (a free mobile app for iOS and Android phones), you can purchase or link your existing Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Fitbug, Apple Watch. Members will receive up to 40% off selected Garmin and Polar activity-tracking devices.


Members can get a 50% discount on flexible, individual monthly membership at Virgin Active Health Clubs* and selected Nuffield Health Gyms*.  A joining fee will apply. As well as use of the gym, members can access all the available facilities of these health clubs.


Members can unlock weekly treats for themselves by getting active every week. Members earning nine Vitality points in a week will be rewarded with a handcrafted drink small or medium drink from Starbucks, plus cinema tickets from Cineworld or Vue.


Fitness Rewards are a leading broker that specialise in VitalityHealth we are able to provide a week long Health and Wellness week to make sure your employees are fully engaged from day one, We will also be offering these week long challenges to prospective clients of Fitness Rewards who have a keen interest in what difference Vitality can make to their company.

We do this by introducing wearable technology into your workplace and setting targets for Individuals and teams with Live Leaderboards to keep them motivated. We can also give you access to our Smoothie Bikes and Batak machine to encourage your staff to move more each day(subject to availability)

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We will also provide Monthly competitions to engage your employees with their wellbeing programme from day one . We also suggest these ideas to help motivate and inspire your employees to get more from Fitness Rewards in the workplace…

Encourage staff to do their online free Health Review to get their Vitality Age, a useful indicator of their overall health and a benchmark over time

  • Start a running and walking club and organise weekly training sessions
  • Offer healthy food alternatives in canteens and vending machines
  • Create weight-loss and stop-smoking support groups
  • Promote a Ride to Work scheme, linked to cashback on bikes from Vitality Partner Evans Cycles
  • Provide a table-tennis table and table football to make lunch breaks more fun and active
  • Set up staff sports tournaments or clubs, such as five-a-side football and softball
  • Teach mindfulness and stress-reduction techniques.

* Flexible individual monthly membership. Joining fees are up to £50 for all clubs other than Classic Collection clubs, where joining fees are up to £150. This offer does not apply to the Chiswick Riverside Virgin Active club.